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since 1933

The Gen. W. Sikorski Polish Veterans' Association in Oshawa has grown from an inspired idea of a few men in 1933 to a strength of about 200 at its peak, and to a social status equal to that of other Canadian Service Clubs. It was during the years of depression in Canada, in the early 30's, when there was no security nor social welfare office to turn to for assistance. Using the army comradeship and the motto "One for all, and all for one", they gave a beginning to the organization called "The Polish Army Veterans' Branch 136" that later changed its name to "The Marshal Josef Pilsudski Polish Army Veterans".     


From then on, the organization continually changed its status and after the Supplementary Letters Patent was granted on February 16th, 1961,  it also changed its name to the Gen. W. Sikorski Polish Veterans' Association. Since its inception in 1933 until 1968, it did not have its own quarters. The Association shared the facility with the Polish Alliance Friendly Society, Branch 21, at 219 Olive Avenue in Oshawa. The next years were more prosperous for our Association. In 1953 80 acres of farm land was purchased in north Oshawa, partly to be used as a picnic area in the summer, but mostly to secure Association's assets for the future.    


The Gen. W. Sikorski Polish Veterans' Centre was officially opened on November 9th, 1968. From that day on, the Centre is not only the headquarters of the Association, but also serves all communities in our region. Many distinguished businessmen and politicians have visited our Centre including Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Stephen Harper. 

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