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Fiesta Week


The General Sikorski Hall proudly takes part in the multicultural festival in Oshawa annually, beginning on Father's Day. A wide array of traditional Polish food is available for purchase along with a wonderful show put on by the folk song and dance ensemble 'Tatry'. The Veterans' Association hosts the event as Pavilion Krakow to celebrate their heritage and traditions with the greater community, and they are represented by the beautiful Miss Krakow.


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Polonia in Oshawa


The Veterans' Association and the Ladies Auxiliary both boast a thriving relationship with the Polish community of Oshawa which has developed over years of education, sponsorships, maintaining culture and traditions, and celebration of important dates and events. This includes but is not limited to: Rememberance Day, Day of the Soldier, Poland's Independence Day, Scouting Association of Canada (Oshawa Branch), Religious Celebrations within St. Hedwig's Catholic Church, KPK - Canadian/Polish Congress, and others.                                                                                                               







Giving back to the community is of utmost importance to the Veterans' Association and Ladies Auxilliary. Each month the members choose a charity or non-profit organization to donate to.




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