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Cost for Table Cloths Rental $12.00 per table 
(Included with in-house catering)
Cost for Chair Cover Rental $2.50 per person

Catering from outside companies is permitted, however tableware rental is not an option. Please contact Pelican Rentals for tableware rentals. 

Traditional Polish Food

Lovingly handmade by the Ladies Auxiliary, these dishes are sure to please any crowd! We offer gluten-free options for our guests with allergies, please contact in advance for more details.


Fresh Dinner Roll & Butter

Caesar Salad or Garden with Choice of Dressing (House or French)

Main Entree:

(1 Meat Beef = $45.00) (Beef + 1 Meat=$50.00) (Beef + 2 Meat=$55.00)
No Beef : (1 Meat = $43.00) (2Meats = $48.00) (3 Meats = $53.00)

Chicken Breast and Cabbage Rolls (1 with every meal chosen)
Chicken Leg and Potatoes (Plain/Mashed/Oven Roasted)
Turkey with Choice of Vegetables
Shish Kabob (Mix Veg/Peas/Baby Carrots/Corn)
Roast Beef
Schnitzel or Pork Roast with Plum Gravy
Swedish Meatballs
Extras: Sauerkraut: $1.00/per person(Tablespoon Size)
Pierogies with Cheese: $2.20 (2 pieces per person)

Soups: $5.00 - Borsch, Leek, Mushroom, Onion


Cheese Cake
Black Forest Cake
Assorted Pies
Fruit Cocktail
Ice Cream (Tartufo: Chocolate/Vanilla/Chocolate)

Coffee & Tea


Late Night Buffet: $23.00 per person or Miscellaneous Trays

Buns & Butter Trays with Cheese

2 Salads: Potato and Seafood

Trays: Deviled Eggs, Pickles, Meats, Cheeses, Veggies, Fruits, Shrimp, Smoked Salmon, Pickled Fish


Kapusta & Kielbasa


Coffee and Tea

Miscellaneous Trays

Cheese - Medium $75.00 Large $100.00

Meat -  Medium $70.00 Large $90.00

Veggie -  Medium $70.00 Large $90.00


Fruit -  Medium $70.00 Large $90.00

Bagels and Croissants: Medium $70.00 Large $90.00

Muffins and Donuts: Medium $70.00 Large $90.00

Sandwiches: Assorted $5.50 and Meat $6.00)


Wine Glasses: With Our Bar - free/ Your Bar - $0.60/each

Coffee at Night: $150.00

Children: Age 4-10 = ¾ Price (Smaller Portion)

HST: Not Included in the above prices

Gratuity on non taxed portion 10%

*Prices are subject to change

Taxes not reflected in price.

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